What Fuels Our CORE?

imageLearningCORE started with a simple idea, " ... digital media access should not be limited and should be affordable."

LearningCORE offers a variety of digital media services to producers and educators.

The people behind LearningCORE have 30+ years of experience in audio, video, and streaming media technology. We want to help you make wise decisions to fill your digital media needs.

We believe each project is as unique as each client therefore, we customize our pricing specific to your needs while keeping in mind scalable, fiscally responsible services.

Technology and its' solutions should be scalable. As a client grows, their technology needs change. The costs should always maintain a reasonable and affordable level.

The standard commercial thoughts of technology-related solutions usually are "thick and chunky," that is just wrong. "Thick and chunky" should only be used when discussing peanut butter.

Let us know what you need to accomplish the job and we will work to find the best solution to fit your budget. It truly takes a collaborative team to make any project work and we can help you put those pieces together.

LearningCORE is making that simple idea real with educational institutions and producers.

Encode. Host. Stream. Store. Deliver. Caption. Site Development.Consulting. Distribution. DVD Authoring. Menu/Chapter Creation.

Contact us, we'd love to talk to you